27 Jun 2019, 22:41

Learning org mode: Session 4

Today’s goals


Within emacs

  1. Format is [[file:../notes/plans.org][Plans]]
  • C-c C-o to open any link (may open up browser)
  • can also do email, http, etc.
  • also org specific things including:
    file:projects.org::some words                text search in Org file(31)
    file:projects.org::*task title               heading search in Org file(32)
    docview:papers/last.pdf::NNN                 open in doc-view mode at page
    id:B7423F4D-2E8A-471B-8810-C40F074717E9      Link to heading by ID

Next steps

Unknown at this point, perhaps org-capture or anything else that comes up.

26 Jun 2019, 23:30

Learning org mode: Session 3

I am feeling great about this system.

Today’s goals

  • learn tags, filtering
  • add custom tags
  • continue breaking apart single uberfile into plans, tasks.

Labels of interest

  • Professional
    • e.g. project based
  • Todo list-y
    • must - have to do it
    • easy - easy wins
    • fun - .
    • saidiwould - integrity

Within emacs

  1. C-c C-q for a drop down of existing tags
  • C-c a then sort by tags (m)
  1. I added several tags I think will be useful
  2. C-c C-s for scheduled task, which means when it starts (vs. due)
  3. also hella organized into smaller files for better focus
  • I really like how the agenda shows the source of the item.

Next steps

  • not sure, but have 2 more days allocated to learning, so I’ll figure something out.

25 Jun 2019, 18:24

Learning org mode: Session 2

Today’s goals

  • set up and learn org modules and org-habit
  • learn how to set up recurring tasks

Set up org modules and habit

I’m using prelude so this may differ.

Add to ~/.emacs.d/personal/custom.el

(require 'org)
(require 'org-install)

(add-to-list 'org-modules 'org-habit)

Restart emacs.

Set up habit tasks

See references below for inspiration.

Mine will be:

  • Daily
    • reflect on day
    • plan tomorrow
  • Weekly
    • review previous week
    • plan next week

Within emacs

  1. add items
  2. set TODO state
  3. set deadlines
  • Tue 23:00 - add time due date (not just day)
  • .+1d attempt to do every day but no catch ups if missed
  1. C-c C-x p - open property dialog
  • habit
  1. add tags
  • C-c C-q - :daily:, :monthly:, etc.

I also added tags. I am not sure I will actually use these, but for now, it’ll be something else useful to learn and search by (ideally).

Next steps

  • learn tags, filtering
  • figure out best way to add some custom tags
    • e.g. must-do, professional, product


24 Jun 2019, 22:31

Learning org mode: Session 1

I am spending this week learning org-mode. My motivation is better time tracking.

It’s quite powerful and even the guide is a bit obtuse, so I’m stealing this intro guide, but will be exclusively using keyboard shortcuts as I don’t even see the menu whilst running emacs -nw.

By the end of the week, I’d like to have a custom weekly agenda view, complete with some quotes, that can show my tasks for the week.

You may find this useful if you know a very little bit of emacs (like C-f for opening file type knowledge, nothing too intense). Follow along below.


  • emacs installed
  • org-mode installed

Within emacs

  • C-x C-f to ~/notes/tasks.org to create a file
  • add my example tasks
  • C-c t shifts state: TODO, DONE, normal
  • C-c d opens up calendar to pick due date
    • navigate with shift-arrow
    • . moves to today
    • +1w - one week from today
  • C-c [ - add this to agenda files
    • I am not sure how to cycle these files
  • C-c a - agenda mode
    • a - show weekly agenda
      • RET on item jumps to file

Looks like that’s the end.


I am going to add two items to my agenda, due today:

  • blog post on this, due today
  • figure how sort through agenda list files (no deadline)
  1. C-x b to open buffer
  2. add item 1
  3. C-c t to set TODO
  4. C-c d to set date, RET to set to today
  5. add item 2
  6. C-c t to set DONE on blog post

Next steps

Looks like there’s no more guide left to follow, so I’ll be paving my own road from here on out, barring some inspiration on DDG.