26 Jun 2019, 23:30

Learning org mode: Session 3


I am feeling great about this system.

Today’s goals

  • learn tags, filtering
  • add custom tags
  • continue breaking apart single uberfile into plans, tasks.

Labels of interest

  • Professional
    • e.g. project based
  • Todo list-y
    • must - have to do it
    • easy - easy wins
    • fun - .
    • saidiwould - integrity

Within emacs

  1. C-c C-q for a drop down of existing tags
  • C-c a then sort by tags (m)
  1. I added several tags I think will be useful
  2. C-c C-s for scheduled task, which means when it starts (vs. due)
  3. also hella organized into smaller files for better focus
  • I really like how the agenda shows the source of the item.

Next steps

  • not sure, but have 2 more days allocated to learning, so I’ll figure something out.