25 Jun 2019, 18:24

Learning org mode: Session 2


Today’s goals

  • set up and learn org modules and org-habit
  • learn how to set up recurring tasks

Set up org modules and habit

I’m using prelude so this may differ.

Add to ~/.emacs.d/personal/custom.el

(require 'org)
(require 'org-install)

(add-to-list 'org-modules 'org-habit)

Restart emacs.

Set up habit tasks

See references below for inspiration.

Mine will be:

  • Daily
    • reflect on day
    • plan tomorrow
  • Weekly
    • review previous week
    • plan next week

Within emacs

  1. add items
  2. set TODO state
  3. set deadlines
  • Tue 23:00 - add time due date (not just day)
  • .+1d attempt to do every day but no catch ups if missed
  1. C-c C-x p - open property dialog
  • habit
  1. add tags
  • C-c C-q - :daily:, :monthly:, etc.

I also added tags. I am not sure I will actually use these, but for now, it’ll be something else useful to learn and search by (ideally).

Next steps

  • learn tags, filtering
  • figure out best way to add some custom tags
    • e.g. must-do, professional, product