27 Jun 2019, 22:41

Learning org mode: Session 4


Today’s goals


Within emacs

  1. Format is [[file:../notes/plans.org][Plans]]
  • C-c C-o to open any link (may open up browser)
  • can also do email, http, etc.
  • also org specific things including:
    file:projects.org::some words                text search in Org file(31)
    file:projects.org::*task title               heading search in Org file(32)
    docview:papers/last.pdf::NNN                 open in doc-view mode at page
    id:B7423F4D-2E8A-471B-8810-C40F074717E9      Link to heading by ID

Next steps

Unknown at this point, perhaps org-capture or anything else that comes up.